Let's Open Your Neural Floodgates.
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Greetings Earthlings and Intergalactic Galactic Warriors. Welcome to my website that’s dedicated to bringing you lovely folks the latest news, reviews, and stories in the world of Alternative Culture. At the moment this project is being undertaken by myself alone so I hope you can persevere with my quest to make this a good quality site with some interesting features that is unique to other Alternative Culture sites that are out there!

My aim is to create an online magazine style website that is a good source of information for people into Underground Culture who like to differentiate themselves from the mainstream, and are interested in experimental art, and anything a bit offbeat, unusual, or weird.

My background is in art and design with a keen passion in film (mostly cult movies), alternative music, historic and contemporary culture.

Some areas that I will be working on over the coming weeks, months, and beyond:

  • Latest releases in alternative music, film, and art exhibitions around the globe.
  • A comprehensive database of information on Cult actors/actresses and filmmakers. Hopefully will include exclusive interviews (on occasion).
  • Contemporary artists in the spotlight. Section devoted to established and up and coming artists around the world, with interviews, info on current/recent exhibitions and links to buying original artwork and prints.
  • A complete history of exploitation cinema book project. This will be done in chapters and released online periodically over the upcoming months, with the possibility of getting a book published when completed.
  • Grindhouse Therapy: The Graphic Novel. An ongoing series of illustrated short stories. Created by guest writers and artists.
  • An online store selling t-shirts and merchandise covering all aspects of Alternative Culture and including original artwork and prints from talented artists.