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New Music Releases. February 2016.

By Lewis Mindenhall

New Music Releases. A selection of alternative albums coming up this month for you to listen to and possibly consider paying good money in investing into. Hope you enjoy some of our recommendations?. Laters y’all! x

DIIV- Is the Is Are. The second studio album by the indie rock band (pronounced ‘dive’) from Brooklyn, New York, which formed in 2011 with lead member Zachary Cole Smith after starting a solo recording project. This 17 song, double-album comes after the bands 2012 debut ‘Oshin’ and has been described by Smith as a homage to Neu! and Krautrock.

Is The Is Are is released on 5 Feb 2016 (Captured Tracks).

Sunflower Bean- Human Ceremony. The debut full-length album from the psych-rock trio from New York (Brooklyn), formed in 2013, and one of Rolling Stone’s most anticipated albums of 2016. The band take a Velvet Underground inspired foundation and have been touring endlessly since the start of 2014, playing more shows than anyone else in New York.

Human Ceremony is released on 5 Feb 2016 (Fat Possum)

The Cult- Hidden City. The band are set to release their tenth studio album and the final part of a trilogy that began in 2007 with Born Into This, and continued with Choice Of Weapon (2012). Singer Ian Astbury explained the concept behind the new album saying “Hidden City is a metaphor for our spiritual lives, our intimate interior lives” adding “I find today’s gurus are trying to peddle some cure, product or insight as if it’s a new phenomenon. My place is to respond, not react, to observe, participate and share through words and music”. Astbury and guitarist Billy Duffy teamed up again as the bands only remaining original members.

Hidden City is released on 5 Feb 2016 (Cooking Vinyl)

Radiation City- Synesthetica. The third full-length album from the Portland based dream-pop quintet that founded in 2009 and headed by couple Cameron Spies and Lizzy Ellison. It appears that the band have managed to emerge triumphant after a tricky period of Spies and Ellison breaking up and an original member leaving to create something evocative and dynamic.

Synesthetica is released on 12 Feb 2016 (Polyvinyl Records)

Venetian Snares- Traditional Synthesizer Music. Constructed and performed live solely through a modular synthesizer, with no overdubbing or editing, the latest LP from Winnipeg’s Venetian Snares (aka Aaron Funk) marks a more restrained approach for the musician and producer, known for his frenetic breakcore material. In a recent press release he explained “Each song was approached from the ground up and dismantled upon the completion of it’s recording” adding “Many techniques were incorporated to “humanize” or vary the rhythmic results within these sub structures. An exercise in constructing surprises, patches interrupting each other to create unforeseen progressions. Multiple takes were recorded for each song resulting in vastly different versions of each piece.”

Traditional Synthesizer Music is released on 19 Feb 2016 (Timesig and Planet Mu)

So Pitted- Neo. The Seattle punk trio are set to release their debut album on the Sub Pop label. The album, featuring highlights “rot in hell”, “holding the void” and “feed me” are murky tracks awash with dread and foreboding that builds tension via a creeping bass-line and messy, distorted guitars.

Neo is released on 19 Feb 2016 (Sub Pop)

MOTHXR- Centerfold. The Brooklyn ensemble, formely known as MOTHER and fronted by Penn Badgley have only released a handful of tracks so far, but are already starting to cause a stir with there dark brooding aesthetic laced with old school R&B vibes. Centerfold will be the bands debut album.  The new video to “Cenrefold” (below) features model Hailey Clauson and features a constant stream of video projections from various house parties in Brooklyn. The song is also to be released on the Kitsune America 4 Compilation LP.

Centrefold is released on 26 Feb 2016

Sarah Neufeld- The Ridge. Arcade Fire violinist Sarah Neufeld is about to release her second solo album The Ridge, which will feature guest contributions from Owen Pallett with Arcade Fire’s Jeremy Gara providing drums throughout the album.

The Ridge is released on 26 Feb 2016 (Paper Bag).

Supersonic Blues Machine- West Of Flushing, South Of Frisco. Texan guitarist-singer Lance Lopez, along with producer and bass player Fabrizio Grossi and drumming legend Kenny Aronoff are about to unleash there debut album, along with a stellar cast of fellow performers.

West Of Flushing, South Of Frisco is released on 26 Feb 2016 (Mascot Label Group).

School Of Seven Bells- SVIIB. When co founding bandmember Benjamin Curtis died of cancer in 2013, along with Claudia Deheza leaving the band in 2010 it seemed that it was the end of School Of Seven Bells. Leaving twin sister Alajandra Deheza as the only remaining member of the group. So it was announced recently  as a tribute to the death of Curtis that (Alajandra) Deheza would release this final album which the pair had already started to make together. Deheza said about the process of collaborating with Curtis for the last time that “We were so happy, and we’d finally reached this perfect balance, after going through all the things we did together.” and “There was no baggage, no hurt anymore. everything was pure, true friendship. We’d hot every colour on the spectrum. We were so close, and we had this flow like we’d never had before.”

SVIIB is released on 26 Feb 2016 (Vagrant/Full Time Hobby).