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New Music Releases. May 2016

By Lewis Mindenhall

New Music Releases. A selection of alternative albums coming up this month of May for you to listen to and possibly consider paying good money in investing into. Because of the sheer amount of album of LP and EP releases every month we (meaning me!) can’t include everything worthy of a mention.

Hope you enjoy some of my recommendations. Laters y’all! x

Julianna Barwick- Will. This will be the third album from Brooklyn based experimental musician Julianna Barwick after her 2011 debut The Magic Place. Since then she has been busy touring and working with artists including Yoko Ono, the Flaming Lips and Philip Glass.

Barwick used many locations in the creation of the album, including a desolate house in New York, the Moog factory in North Carolina and Portugal. She recently said in a press release “While making this record, there were moments of isolation and dark currents. I like exploring that, and i love when i come across songs that sound scary or ominous. I’ve always been curious about what goes into making a song that way.”

Julianna Barwick is currently on tour in selective venues in the U.S, and will be appearing at several European venues in June (including the Pickle Factory in London, U.K.). For a complete list of her 2016 schedule click Here.

Will is released on May 6 2016 (via Dead Oceans).

White Lung- Paradise.  The fourth studio album from the three-piece Canadian punk rockers from Vancouver. After the critically acclaimed 2013 album Deep Fantasy, the band are back having reconnected in L.A to work with musician and producer Lars Stalfors (The Mars Volta, HEALTH) to bring an eclectic mix of exquisite layers of guitar, sharp drum blasts and gritty vocals which bring a sense of urgency and sonic clarity to an exciting album.

Guitarist Kenneth (ohhhh Matron!) Williams said in a recent interview with St. Vincent’s Annie Clark “I wanted a record that sounded like it was made in 2016. I didn’t want it to sound like any old bands that already existed. We always get compared to dated bands that i don’t think we sound like at all. But mostly, i wanted all of the songs to each have their own vibe and sense of place.”

The band will be performing in Toronto and New York, as well as selective venues around the U.K  (ending in Paris) throughout May.

Paradise is released on May 6 2016 (via Domino Records). You can also check this website for a complete list of upcoming shows in 2016.

The Viginmarys- Divides. The second full album from the three-piece rock band from Macclesfield U.K. They have been described as a no-frills band that play honest British rock with an undeniable punk edge. The band have been touring extensively through North America over the last couple of years, while supporting Shinedown, they have also performed at the South By Southwest festival (SXSW) in Austin, Texas.

To celebrate the release of the album, the band will be doing some intimate shows in Manchester and London in May, followed by tours in the U.K, as well as appearing at the Camden Rocks Festival and Stone Free festival in June 2016. For more info click Here.

Divides is released on May 6 2016 (via Wind-Up Records)

Seratones- Get Gone. After a string of successful shows at SXSW this year, The four-piece Louisiana group are set to release there debut album Get Gone. The band serve up a mixture of southern musicality with the ferocity of garage rock that leads to songs that are soulful with a hint of Jazz and blues. Frontwoman A.J Haynes first honed her powerful voice through years of singing in a gospel band from a very early age and has been compared to legendary singer Janis Joplin.

The Seretones are currently touring in selective venues through the U.S and will be playing some European dates in August and September, including the Leeds and Reading Festivals, U.K. For more info click Here.

Get Gone is released on May 6 2016 (via Fat Possum Records).

Nothing- Tired Of Tomorrow. Philadelphia’s Nothing return with their second LP Tired Of Tomorrow after their widely acclaimed 2014 album Guilty Of Everything. Similar in style to late 80’s/90’s Shoegaze acts like My Bloody Valentine, the band have suffered some setbacks over the years with frontman and founding member Domenic Palermo getting into some serious altercations, including jail time and major health issues following an attack after a concert in Oakland. Tired Of Nothing deals with Palermo’s  traumatic experiences and his re-evaluation of recent events.

Nothing will be playing some London gigs for the launch of the new album followed by some U.S dates in June 2016. For more info click Here.

Tired Of Tomorrow is released on May 13 2016 (via Relapse Records)

Young Magic- Still Life. The third LP from the New York based experimental duo of Jakarta born Melati Malay and Isaac Emmanuel from Sydney, Australia. The album coincided with the death of Malay’s catholic American father and her hybrid existence of living between two different cultures (her mother is a native Indonesian muslim) and growing up in conflicting environments. Still life is a deeply personal album that uses a collection of field recordings taken in Indonesia to create expansive soundscapes along with eastern instrumentals that are organic and mechanical in nature.

Young Magic will be playing venues across North America throughout the rest of May and June 2016. For more Info, click Here.

Still Life is released on May 13 2016 (via Carpark Records).

Eagulls- Ullages. British post-punk revival collective Eagulls are about to release there sophomore album after their impressive self-titled LP debut in 2014. Ullages was recorded in a converted church in the bands hometown of Leeds and mixed by leading music producer Craig Silvey (Portishead, Depeche Mode, R.E.M). The sound has been described by the bands record label as a mixture between the shimmering opulence of the Cocteau Twins and the ominous gloom of Disintegration/Pornography era The Cure. Along with elements of distorted/feedback shoegaze style guitars which are dense and deeply textured, marks a transformation in the bands quality.

Eagulls are touring around the U.K and Europe, as well as North America throughout 2016, including Reading and Leeds Festivals (26th-28th August). For a complete list of the bands schedule, check their website Here.

Ullages is released on May 13 2016 (via Partisan Records).

Brodka- Clashes. Poland’s most adventurous pop star rose to fame as the winner of her countries third season of Pop Idol in 2004. Since then Monika Brodka has released three albums with her last album Granda (2010) showing a big change in musical direction which drew on influences including electro, rock and roots music, as well as remaining resolutely pop in her approach to music making. Clashes will be Brodka’s debut album in the English language, and working alongside Grammy Award winning musician and producer Noah Georgeson to add some spice and darkness to the album, creates a nice blend of otherworldly synthpop that’s both captivating and seeped in melancholy.

Brodka has no tour dates yet for 2016.

Clashes is released on May 13 2016 (via Play It Again Sam).

Hooded Fang- Venus On Edge. Canadian rock outfit Hooded Fang from Toronto are set to release their third album Venus On Edge, which is a more dangerous sounding LP compared to there 2013 chilled out album Gravez. This time there is more urgency to their sound, with some lush instrumentation, thick harmonies , manic riffs and hypnotic baselines give a more anxious and hyperactive element to their repertoire.

2016 tour dates are yet to be announced. Check Here for details of upcoming events.

Venus On Edge is released on May 13 2016 (via Daps Records).

Reuben Hollebon- Terminal Nostalgia. British alt-folk musician Reuben Hollebon is about to release his debut album Terminal Nostalgia, which is a continuation from his time as a recording engineer for several acts, including Basement Jaxx and The London Symphony Orchestra. The album is a reflection of the musicians past, and through his acoustic approach and subtle experimental use of electronic equipment is equally as beautiful as it is haunting.

Terminal Nostalgia is released on May 20 2016 (via Bright Antenna Records).

Band Of Sculls- By Default. The fourth studio album from Southampton, U.K rockers Band Of Sculls, which has been described as a “new era” by frontman Russell Marsden after a long schedule of relentless touring. The trudging garage-rock sounds of big stomping riffs and sing-a-long choruses still prevail, along with some quicker outbursts to add to the intensity of the music.

The band are also touring throughout 2016 in the U.K, including a few mainland european dates. For a complete list of their tour schedule click Here.

By Default is released on May 27 2016 (via BMG Recordings).

PUP- The Dream Is Over. The Canadian punk rock band are about to release their second studio album The Dream Is Over after there self-titled 2014 debut album enjoyed critical success and winning (or nominated) some prestigious awards, as well as being described in Rolling Stone Magazine as one of 2014’s “breakout rock acts.”

The band are currently on tour in the U.K and will be touring throughout North America in June and July, followed by a U.K return on September 8 for the Isle Of White Festival. For a complete list of their schedule click Here.

The Dream Is Over is released on May 27 2016 (via SideOneDummy Records).

Click Here for a full list of Album/EP releases for May 2016.